Increase revenue by reducing churn while tracking exit feedback.

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"I deleted my account because I needed more time in my trial."

"I thought my question was silly and didn't reach out to support."

"A small discount would have kept me around."

With LessChurn, you'll be able to save these customers:

Here's How LessChurn Can Help Your Business



Reduce your churn by helping your users right before they delete their account. 

Replace your typical "Delete my Account" button by giving your users helpful options.

LessChurn provides a fully customizable form, which you can embed in your app wherever your account deletion happens.



Collect client feedback at the moment when they are the most willing to share it with you - right before quitting. 

Use it to identify and address your product or service pain points, understand your customer behaviour and enhance your customer journey.

Knowing why your customers are unhappy is one of the most powerful pieces of data for your business.



We strongly believe LessChurn is one of the simplest still most improtant growth tools. 

It's super easy to set up, free to try and costs you nothing while saving your both customers AND money. 

The less churn you see, the more feedback you get and the more customers you save - the more chances you have to provide skyrocket growth for your business.

  • SaaS businesses
  • subscription-based stores and agencies
  • membership websites

if they use Stripe and want to reduce churn + save more customers

Who will benefit from it:

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